Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I love this Girl!

I have been needing to make a blog post for quit some time now and let everybody know how things are going. Here it is.
Med school is going good. I finished my first quarter a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. I am really enjoying everything that we are learning. But!!! That's not what you want to hear about, is it?
After I moved down here I was talking with one of my friends, Allison Richardson. We have known each other for close to 5 years from Rexburg and my friend Brett knows her too. They are related or something. So, while I was talking to her she told me that she was moving down here to Arizona and I was pretty excited to say the least. She called me up as soon as she got out here and we set up a night to go on a date (we were both a little nervous to call it a date just yet). I was pretty nervous and couldn't decide what to do and ended up planning about four dates and couldn't decide. She came over to my house and I finally had to pick one. We went to dinner and played banana grams on the table at the restaraunt, ice skating (in Arizona, you may think it is unlikely, but it's true), and played some more board games with my roomate and his date. I had so much fun! I couldn't get over how much fun I had with Allison and how good I felt with her. Even in Idaho when we were there together I can remember once (right before she was leaving for BYU-Hawaii) that I could marry a girl like Allison Richardson, I was right out side the Manwaring Center.
It took a couple more weeks to finally get put together and I love being around this girl. I have had no reservations and things felt right, So I proposed to her!
I took her to a favorite park of ours and had a picnic all planned. We had talked a little bit about getting married and I don't know how serious she thought I was, and I didn't really, really know what she thought about it yet. I had a special ring picked out and she had no idea I had it. I have never seen anyone so surprised and excited, which melted my heart! (I felt the exact same way even though I knew it was going to happening)

This is down by another one of "our" spots at the Tempe Town Lake park
This is where I proposed to her. We were both so happy and giggly. The ducks that were there were so ecxited they were laughing too.
Aaaahhhhhh, there she is!
Over thanksgiving break in new mexico when we went to visit Steve and Izzy in her family