Monday, June 29, 2009

To Portland for Chris's Baptism

My little sister Lisa at the scenic overlook on the way to Portland.
Lisa knows how to party, just give her some strawberries.

A new friend we made at the scenic overlook, he was not very good at posing and this is probably the third time we made him sit right there and I finally got the picture that stole his SOUL!

All the family that came for Chris's Baptism.  All my family and then Mike's parents Rolf and Pam.

Mine Mom and mine sister.

Father and Son.

We went bowling for Chris's Birthday, you can't really see his smaller shoes but he is in there along with Sarah, Lisa, and Dad.

Soccer ball cake, my favorite!

My Sister has a guy that is in her ward that served in the same mission as my dad and he had a yearbook thing that my Dad's picture was in.  He liked it.  It was pretty cool.  It was lucky for my Dad to even have made it because the night before we left he got ultra sick from some food poisoning and was in a real bad way.  We are all so lucky he got to make it and that he didn't puke in the car either.

My Mom and Dad's first grandson to be baptized, they real happy.

All in all it was a really fun trip, I slept most of the way back from Portland, pretty much all of the drive through Oregon and a bunch of Idaho.  We also stopped at Hagerman where my Dad grew up and saw some of his family, I didn't get photos there though.  Then we went to an old fish hatchery.  I will get a video of that on here soon.

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  1. How many days has it been since June 29th? Oh, well, thats kind of a hard question. I mean you'd at least need a calendar to refer to and then you'd have start counting and you'd have to remember to... --- 72---THE ANSWER IS 72. THATS HOW MANY DAYS ITS BEEN SINCE YOUR LAST POST MAN. (REPROACHED! I'll follow up with love later... I wanna let that reproach sink in first.)