Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hello again,

I don't have any pictures to post for this post.....well, maybe I will throw some in on the end.
I have graduated from BYU-Idaho in the past few weeks, this time it was real. Last time it was a fake graduation and I walked and did all that but the next semester I still had to finish my worked though.
I set a goal to run a marathon and I am training to run the Dam marathon in June. Training for it is simply a measure of my tenacity right now. The running makes me so tired and it takes time, which I have a lot of lately anyways. It is a rewarding feeling after those long runs, it's a feeling of accomplishment.
I am preparing to go to medical school and working. I used to have a job at the hospital but had to look for other options because of budget cuts and I was the lowest ranking in seniority, so......story as old as time. Boy meets job and things are going well, job get's anxious about money and what it's friends will say, doesn't break it off completely but offers boy part/side work time, boy leaves. Good news though, I am headed back up to the ranch in Victor to work for the summer. It is a great job if I can get an allergy med that will stop my face from rebelling against the trees.
I went to California to meet up for the first anual/semi-anual/bianual/trianual (?) friendly reunion. We are not sure how often it would conveign so I added all those titles. My college roomates Tyson, Tyler, and Brett and their families all came. I remembered that, "oh yeah, we are huge geeks." and then I marveled that those geeks got married. There is hope for me yet. We went to the beaches, San Diego Zoo, Balboa park, the bay and had a lot of good foods, conversations and laughs.
Other than that my life has been semi-uneventful and things are going well. Graduation feels funny. I am growing a beard while I am still living in Rexburg for the next couple of days (maybe weeks, but we'll see). Most of the time people don't say much but every once in a while you can tell someone I am talking to is thinking, "oh, he should shave....THE HONOR CODE!" Let's put it this way, I am still living curfew (because what is worth doing anytime after midnight??? after 9:00 even! but i still stay out later than that).
I am getting really excited for AZ......AZ!!!

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