Friday, July 30, 2010

I havn't written a blog entry for quiet a while, sorry. So to start with, I think you should know that I am eating a chocolate chip cookie.
A lot has happened for me in the past couple of months. After getting accepted to Podiatry School I started training for the Dam Marathon. I feel like doing things like a marathon help with setting goals and working to acheive longer range goals. The marathon was on June 12th and when I was finished, it was one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment that I have ever felt. It was a unique feeling where you can't feel your legs that well, unless you stop moving, then all you can feel is pain, pain and success. It really was awesome tho, and all I could think about after running for a few weeks was how could I get faster and when will I be able to run another.
I had a job at the hospital in Rexburg stocking supply rooms and recieving inventory, but it wasn't long before the recesion hit there and they had to lay off some of the newer personell there (me). The 5 months I worked there were pretty cool for me tho, since I am preparing to work in the medical feild I was really interested in all of the different supplies we stocked and it was a good job for a while.
I played a few shows in rexburg in the beginning of the summer that were really fun. It's always a great time getting together with some guys and playing music together. Music is a great way to make good friends and I have met lots of poeple by playing guitar. So it is a good excuse for me to spend money on it, I am investing in friendship....not selfishly dropping ### amount on a new amp. (maybe a little bit of both)
I moved back to my parent's house for a while and got my job back at the ranch landscaping. I work up there in Victor for four days a week and live in Shelley the rest. I grew a beard for a while too. I liked the beard, it wasn't too itchy either. But it's gone now.
The landscaping job went on until the boys came up to the ranch and that is when I take two weeks off of work to mentor for the boys. This year I really feel like I learned from the spirit while I was there. I could also see more than ever the growth in the boys, in their transition from boyhood to manhood. We always have a lot of fun, but I could see some maturity and spiritual strength in them this year. I probably saw it this year because of experience, but I am sure the boys always grow that much anyways. One thing at the boys ranch that was really funny this year was the 100 club. I started it one day when the theme for the day was dedication. So I talked them into doing 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups everyday for the rest of the ranch. It was so funny to see them having to do all 100 right before they went to bed (which also backfired on me and made them stay up an extra 17 hours!!!). Then they learned to not procrastinate so much and at random times you would see one boy start to do some push-ups in the middle of the day, and then four others would follow suit. You would walk into a room and five boys would be doing sit-ups or push-ups. haha!
After the boys ranch I got all packed up and I headed down to Arizona, which brings me to this cookie at my Aunt Julie's house in Mesa. I start school next week and I am really excited to finally find out what the next 4 years of my life will be like. I kind of know, but mostly don't and the anticipation has been th worst part. Kind of like waiting before your mission after you have your mission call.
Stay tuned for the next bit in my may be a while for something interesting besides studying to happen.
Here is Brett and I at the end of the marathon, great game.
Monikar time; steady, strong.

This deer just walked up to us when we got up to do a morning hike at the upper pallisades lake. It was funny, he came really close.
"The beast rises up on top of Matt's car.....and pees off the side!" Nathan said. He just got done peeing off my car.
Up waterfall canyon, see if you can find Daniel and an upside down pine tree.
A flower that looks like the fourth of July.
Upper pallisades lake
The boys on the hike. We found t-shirts at a gas station for a dollar with dopey pictures of cats and dogs on them that said stuff like, "I love my Tabby." It was pretty awesome.
Brent and I did quiet a bit of climbing this summer too.
Here is my family up on Table Mountain right before I left to go to Arizona. The guy you might not recognixe in the orange is my sister's boyfriend, Klint. He is a great guy.

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